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Flights to Culebra Puerto Rico


Charter Flights From St. Thomas to Culebra

Located about nineteen miles east of Puerto Rico and eight miles north of Vieques, Culebra is the smallest of the inhabited Spanish Virgin Islands. It is seven miles long and three miles wide.

Culebra has no rivers or streams, only getting water from Puerto Rico via Vieques. Because of the lack of run-off from streams and rivers, Culebra boasts crystal clear waters with sixty feet of visibility...on a bad day.

In 1909 the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge was established. The refuge takes in over 1,400 acres of land and is well known both as a nesting area for numerous seabirds, as well as the endangered leatherback turtle, and Culebra giant anole.

Culebra has by about 3,000 residents. The quiet, unspoiled island has little to offer in nightlife, except for a quiet, safe walk in the moonlight or the occasional sound of guitar music from one of the few night spots. The snorkeling and scuba diving around Culebra are outstanding. Hard and soft corals abound in the shallows and magnificent reefs encircle the island. Tropical fish and other sea life exist in large numbers. The depths rarely exceed one hundred feet.

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