Puerto Rico Flights: Isla Grande (Downtown)

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Puerto Rico Flights: Isla Grande (Downtown)

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Isla Grande, today also known as the Convention Center District, and formerly known as Miraflores, is roughly bounded by Miramar, the Condado Lagoon, the Dominicci Airport of Isla Grande and the Port of San Juan.

Check out the Isla Grande Airport (Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport), as it is often a less costly and more convenient way to fly to other areas of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean when compared to the San Juan International Airport.  Also known as Aeropuerto de Isla Grande, this small, single-runway airport accommodates over 100,000 passengers each year traveling to and from other areas of the main island, offshore islands of Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean destinations.

Airport amenities include a passenger terminal, cafeteria, taxi and bus transportation, parking, charter flights, air ambulance, Customs, Agriculture and Immigration services, facilities for mooring and maintaining aircraft, jet fuel sales, fixed base operators (FBO’s), helicopter services, luxury executive flight services, and is the home of the Isla Grande Flying School.

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